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—Paris is a city where people watching is a national past-time and up to the minute fashion is de rigeur. Sit in a café sipping your latte and enjoy the sights of the young, the not so young, the sophisticated, the bold and the classic, as they pass you by. This is a place where beauty is not a formula and where women of all ages, shapes and types are adored.
Summer 2012 fashion in Paris is all about gorgeous, diaphanous fabrics that will have you floating down the avenues. Lace adorns everything from dresses, to handbags and even shoes. Colour blocks create bold, confident statements and feminine florals will have you feeling gorgeous.
Whenever I go to Paris in the summertime, I always make certain to bring my travel classics, my white pants, black dress, and tan skirts. Then it is all about the current mode and how to add that special dash of style.
When you are walking along the Seine, visiting La Musee D’orsay, or simply passing time at your favourite cafe, make sure to enjoy your look. Have fun and embrace your style. After all, what makes French women beautiful is more their self-love than their external appearance. Love yourself and love your clothing, and you may become one of the fashion watched!
One of my favourite accessories for the summer is the clutch handbag. What is more beautiful than an envelope of colour, or lace on black, clutched in hand. It is a true statement of elegance. Valentino, one of my favourite designers this year has perfected the clutch with colours that speak to your heart, in French of course.
My top pick for the week is this gorgeous clutch by Carlo Fellini. It is a steal for this much style. I love a good buy!

Carlo Fellini Clutch

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 More fashion advice is to follow. There is so much to talk about, dresses, skirts, pants, accessories, and of course shoes. Coming soon is also a heart-to-heart on what not to wear. Enjoy la mode and visit often.